From the Mundane to the Catastrophic, I Got It Here

Now and then, I give second thoughts to my chosen career of writing about women’s health. It may not be the wisest spot on the work wheel when you come from a family of hypochondriacs. It’s our own special genetic neurosis.

Working on February’s articles (during American Heart Month,) I found myself more focused on things that add up to heart health: my physical activity level and frequency (check), the things I eat (check, mostly), and my life’s stressors (oops).

So I invested in a leisurely lunch with a friend today (working on that stress thing,) enjoying my black bean burger and side of carrots (impressive!) and chatting about how March’s articles are exposing my daily nutritional hotspots.

After that point in life where you thought you’d live forever, especially when you’re the Single Mistress of your world, the possibilities — both exciting and scary — can seem endless. The Health Channel’s features this week cover different realms of my hypochondriacal tendencies, and help soothe my related anxieties.

First, a quick introduction to a brand new non-profit that is ALL about empowerment of single women. Pink Door was founded to specifically help cancer survivors who are on their own financially, strong women mustering the strength to both fight life-threatening disease and support themselves. Just knowing Pink Door is there makes me feel better.

Then, I review a book that tells me “being hormonal” is more than just a stigmatizing excuse. The Triple Whammy Cure explains how the commonly-occurring crazy and crummy feelings that really rise up at some points in a woman’s life can be ameliorated with a little attention to three key points.

In case you’re curious, we manage our fretting over health issues with humor in my family. We laugh at ourselves a lot. Whether it’s heart disease, cancer, or hormones, I can really let this information get under my skin at times. Dermatology topics may be next in line…

~Tracy Morris, Health Channel Editor