Gas Pains: Is Your Budget on Empty?’s Money & Financial Advice – The rapid run-up of gas prices is tough on all Americans. For the singleminded woman, the bite at the pump might be the cruelest cut of all. A couple of months ago I wrote a blog entry on about the greedy hogs pushing oil prices over a hundred bucks. In it, I predicted that prices would tumble.

Gas Pains: Is Your Budget on Empty?That’s still my long-term guess. But with per barrel prices nearing $150 (hopefully it won’t get that far), there is now a new level of pain that I did not think we would see until 2012 or later. For those of you who don’t know, oil has become the new darling of high risk speculators on the world’s commodities markets. Not too long ago oil futures were purchased by transportation business hedging against cost increases. Now it’s simply a speculator’s game…

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