Get Your Date On, Single Mom Style

Let’s Face it…Dating sucks!Whether you’re a single, childless, 25-year-old woman or you’re a 45-year-old single mom with kids–in both situations in many ways you’re truly at the mercy of a potential suitor.

On that very first date, we all get that insecure feeling in the pit of our stomachs– as we question whether we’re worthy enough…

Will I be rejected? What does this man really think about me? Am I interesting? Am I attractive?

In all these situations there’s one common denominator– we usually accept all the responsibility,  and even more so when a first date turns sour…

With all these feeligs swirling about our pretty little heads- it’s a wonder any woman ever musters up the courage to actually go on a date…and if you’re a single mom, well it definitely can make you feel like the odds of really connecting with a potential suitor are going to be that much more difficult. Because now-coupled with the baggage of just being a woman– you’ve got some extra carry on luggage in the form of kids!

Enter Single Mom Seeking’s Rachel Sarah– a single mom who, although she admits that the dating scene can be fraught with little speed bumps- is always up for navigating the challenge.

You can read her Q&A with Single Minded Women here… she might just convince you to shrug off that nagging little voice that keeps you from spreading your single mom wings, taking a long deep breath and soaring!

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So come on over to Single Minded Women, let today be your very own Spring Awakening…draw some strength from these sassy, honest single moms who are taking charge of their lives and getting things done :)

–Melissa Chapman

Family Editor, Single Minded Women