Golden Girls: Senior Citizen Fashion at Advanced Style

Advanced StyleWho says you’re too old to play dress-up? Not, a new (and, perhaps, only) senior citizen fashion blog that posts snapshots of Golden Girls and Gents with impeccable style and feisty fashions. I met the blog’s author, Ari, last week at New York Fashion Week, and was immediately taken by the concept. After all, my grandma, 84 years young, is hands-down the most glamorous person in my family, shopping exclusively at Neiman Marcus (she bought her wedding dress there in the ’50s for $500), keeping an entire drawer devoted to handbags, and making bold fashion choices like the floor-length watercolor silk gown she wore to my sister’s wedding. Just this week she called me with a reminder to read this month’s issue of Vanity Fair, pointing out that Marilyn Monroe had a coat similar to the cropped lambskin wool jacket with rabbit fur trim that she recently bequeathed me.

Besides, after being inundated with images of barely-out-of-the-womb PYTs like Miley Cyrus and the “Gossip Girl” couturebots, it’s nice to see some silver foxes show us how it’s done. I just hope that I look as stylish when I reach my golden years.

Until then, get some advice for your beauty emergencies with this week’s read, “Fix-It Beauty: Your Emergencies, Our Answers,” a lifesaver for dealing with bad hair, bad skin, and other SNAFUs.

-Erin Donnelly, Fashion & Beauty Editor

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