Happy Father’s Day to all the Single Moms

Happy Father's Day MomIf this Father’s Day, you’re one of the millions of single moms preparing your kid to see his dad, and even going as far as to help him pick out a gift for his dad – a man you likely can’t stand even being in a room with…you’re in very good company.

So what are some hard and fast rules for picking out the perfect gift- even though you feel infinitely more inclined to wrap up a lump of coal in a big red bow?

Do your best to wear your biggest dopiest grin…while your older kids may have already caught onto the fact that their dad is a bit if a weasel it’s best that you let your younger kids find that out for themselves, and NEVER let your feelings influence their relationship with their dad.

Unfortunately they’ll come to learn the truth about their dad’s character, and while you want to do your best to shield them for future pain–it’s their personal journey to set out on–and if their dad eventually shows his true colors, you can be their soft place to fall.

So take your kid to Hallmark and tell him the sky’s the limit- and to pick out the best card he can find for his daddy. As for a gift; if you’re feeling crafty- and a little short on cash–break out the thread, magic markers and 99 cent box of elbow macaroni and let your boy go wild coloring macaroni, threading it and fashioning it into a cool bracelet and/or keychain. If you’re short on thread a macaroni collage will always suffice- all you’ll need is some drawing paper and Elmer’s glue.

Unfortunately your older kids, who have seen for themselves the type of dad they’ve got will be less inclined to get busy creating collages for a father for whom they have a strained relationship. Still, don’t sit with them and daddy bash and certainly do not make excuses, just let them know that you’re here to listen to them and validate their feelings.

Sheryl Crow

And if you’re one of the many single moms whose “baby daddy” has never been one to acknowledge this auspicious occasion, or for that matter any other of the 365 days a year his kid pines for even a mere token of his affection, don’t buy into the hoopla of this card store generated holiday! Turn Father’s Day into a, Let’s celebrate what an incredible child you are today holiday, and create an itinerary full of things your child wants to do just make sure you include lots of ice cream!

Mary Louise ParkerNo matter what happens this Father’s Day remember you’re a single mom in a time in our history where pretty much every other mom is a single mom. Please… celebrity single moms…many of whom are actually choosing to take on single motherhood head-on without a man, are more the norm than the exception like; sexy singer Sheryl Crow and actress and activist extraordinaire Mary Louise Parker, just to mention a few. Revel in all the accomplishments you make on a daily basis and what a great mother you’ve been and continue to be!

Whatever you do – make it a happy day!

Melissa Chapman
SMW Family Editor