Happy Mother’s Day – The Best Gift To Give!

 The official count down to mother’s day has begun.  You’ve read Josie’s article, you’ve gone to giftbaskets.com and ordered the perfect gift so now you can check this off your to do list, right?  Wrong!

Just because you have bought the perfect gift and it is wrapped and ready to be delivered doesn’t mean you are done.  THE perfect gift to give your BFF, the women who changed your diapers, slipped your tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy, was there for every important moment wants one thing that all mothers want-have you guessed what it is?  TIME-yes time with you.

In today’s busy world of working women, carting kids around to their many activities, mom’s all over the world feel deprived of that one little thing that none of us remember to give-time with you.  Time uninterrupted, time to talk, time without your little ones or other half if you are in a relationship-simply time.

So this mother’s day after you have bought the perfect give, call your mom and schedule some one on one time to have brunch, lunch, dinner of just a long cup of coffee together.  Be sure to schedule this when you really have the time to devote, when you are looking at your watch or blackberry or have your kids interrupting. 

If you live too far for a visit in person, then just pick up the phone and talk.  Ask your mom how she is; tell her about what is going on in your life.  I promise you that if you take the time to honor your mother with your time, she will think it is the best mother’s day present ever!  It doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate the perfect gift you bought, but the moments she spends with you will be the most precious gift she got this year.

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers all over the world!