Here Come the Brides . . . Sort of

Brides, courtesy SF ChronicleIn Paploma, the running of the bulls is a spectacle to behold.

(Only) in my home town, San Francisco, does the running of the brides (it’s official title, “The Brides of March”) evoke the same emotions: shock at the sight, a quickness of the heart, and the thought: “How in hell did I end up in the middle of all this?” If the image of several hundred brides galluping toward some groom doesn’t send icy chills through his veins, then he’s a guy to hang onto.

And if the sight puts you in the mood for love, check out this week’s Relationship Channel feature, Sex and the Cities, where condoms are the telltale sign of where you can look for love—hopefully, in all the right places.

Also, His Lips Unzipped gives tips on how to nudge your guy back into being the romantic prince he once was.

And finally, in Sex and the SMW, one hot lady ask why only married men seem to be attracted to her. If you, too seem to have more covert affairs than committed relationships, this advice may do you some good, too.

JosieNot goin’ to the chapel anytime soon,

Josie Brown
SMW Relationship Editor

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