Holidate: Christian Cloud Recaps Episode #2

ChristianThis week on Holidate…

Jackie and Cynthia.

Jackie, the outgoing and effervescent, hopeless romantic…maybe a little too hopeless, but I don’t want to judge her without really knowing her. I guess I know as much about her as you all do. You watched — what were your feelings? I feel for her that she has been cheated on 4 out of 5 boyfriends. That’s not right!! I give her great props for sharing embarrassing information with the viewer. I think to go on the show, in general, took a lot of courage to do and in my mind she showed great guts!

Her 1st date, Ryan. I loved how easy going he was and channeled her bubbly and maybe over-the-top personality. He tamed her down and in the end called her out, a bit, on her immediate judgment of Pisces men. Jackie was thrown back on her heels. A challenge and in the end sparks! Good for him.

The next 2 dates were a little on the dull side and my guess is that she was thinking of Ryan. Rob was quiet and analytical but threw a curve ball in when sharing in the other creative side of, photography. She was ready to go and get the heck out of there. No love match.

Finally Sam, unfortunately he didn’t mimic the lead character in her romantic novel as his name may have suggested. I think he felt chemistry and really tried to throw Jackie off balance. Not a good move, to try to highlight her insecurity and lack of rhythm on national T.V. Oops! …You blew it dude.

Cynthia, the Texas bombshell. I thought she was a hoot! She is successful, driven, loyal, a very warm and loving personality. Drawing of my own personal experience of handling the emotional and business affairs of my mother with Alzheimer’s disease I could completely relate to her strife and attachment to her mother and sister. It’s her time now.

Lon was her 1st date and he literally swept her off her feet as he placed her ever so gently in the helicopter to take a tour of LA and then onto a romantic dinner. I think they had some similarities, but it looked as if he was trying too hard. Next!

Date #2 was the Nate. He seemed like an alright guy—gentle, polite and sensitive, but was about as dry as my toast left in the toaster from breakfast. Yawn…snooze.

THEN….Jason. She is meant to be with a Texan!! I was jealous of the chemistry that they had. Steamy. …And a kiss, no less!

Cynthia said that it is hard for her to get butterflies and she got them go them…it’s hard for me as well! Now, doubly jealous.

Can’t wait to watch the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned!

Love and sunshine,



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