Holidate! Christian Cloud Recaps Episode #4

ChristianHi all.

Had to miss last week’s episode because I was working over seas, but I set it on my DVR and watched it when I got back. I’ll give a shout out to Jasmine and Jessica, but time to move onto ….

Holidate – Episode 4

Loved, loved, loved this episode. I was smiling from ear to ear the whole hour!

Both Soraya and Allison were warm and charismatic. Sincere and lovable. Beauties, inside and out. Great style as well! Allison, loved the tan boots? Are they Loeffler Randall?

I thought their dates were a lot of fun!

Allison had immediate chemistry with Everett. I loved them together. He is hot and I thought they looked great together. A date comprised of a winery tour with wine pairings and a gourmet meal? I’d be in heaven, looked as if she was! Nice set up Soraya. Allison and Everett are going places.

George for Soraya was a total mismatch. Looked as if she was pulling teeth with him. (Sounds familiar!!…. i.e., Aaron from Episode 1) He was Mexican, didn’t have enough spice for her. Nice, polite, police officer. You are a catch, but not for our Soraya!

I’m glad Allison was able to see Sausalito and Alcatraz, but her date with Kyle was a snore. Odd body language, don’t you think? I had a feeling that was the “short” date. At least I hope so… NEXT!

Allison’s final date was Philippe. He definitely showed her a good time and she was enamored by the originality of their date. I didn’t see a lot of electricity though. When they were in the robotic hug, he should have seized the moment and put his arms around her and made the move. I wanted to see a little more confidence from him. Allison seems as if she is confident and very independent and also needs a man that is comfortable in his own skin. Maybe he was just shy. I wonder if he had bad breath?

Johnny was a gem. I loved his energy and how much he made Soraya laugh. He is as sincere as she is and it was obvious she trusted him…so much so to tell him of her son. He was comfortable in his skin, but was he a gentleman? He must have been, right?

I wanted to see Soraya go to a Cubs game though…that would have been quintessential Chicago. Johnny would have been a fun date for anyone.

This episode made me crave more of the show. Good job Joel (the show’s executive producer)…. nice casting.

I look forward to the updates!

Love and sunshine,



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