Holidate! Christian Cloud Recaps Episode #5

Christian1It’s been interesting commenting on the episodes after my own. I have had my own experience and have seen first hand what happens behind the scenes.

Now, I have to write about everyone else without knowing anything about them. I have criticisms and frustrations from this whole process and wonder if the others do as well. I would love to get all the girls together afterwards and have a pow-wow. To connect, gossip, and share in the experience.

That being said…the show must go on.

This week Cyndy from Dallas and Alex from Hoboken meet and date each others friends.

Cyndy is self-proclaimed “Type A” personality and she is paired up with Alex who seems to be a little more laidback. Looks like they have complete opposite lives and dispositions. Both have great sense of style though….

Sam was Alex’s first date. He was warm and generous from the beginning. They had great chemistry together and he really appeased her tomboy side. There was even a kiss!! We like him.

Adam was date #2. “Tall drink of water”. Seemed a little dull to me. I could tell that Alex didn’t really care for him and she was prompted to say nice things on camera about him.

Nabeel was a complete bore, emotionally unavailable and doesn’t want to settle down. Why the heck was he on the show then??

Poor Cyndy didn’t have much luck in the romance department. I think she was trying really hard to step out of her box and be less guarded, but the men that were chosen for her we al wrong! I didn’t really like any of the guys she was set up with. I think they were all really sweet, but not for her.

First off Alex, he was smitten. They talked easily, but I think she was “over it” in the 1st hour. I’m just guessing.

Jeremy came next. He was true to himself and made her laugh. I think she felt light with him and opened up to him. Probably the reason she chose him in the end to be a “friend”.

Shane was too quiet vanilla for her. Actually surprised me that she didn’t choose him. He wants all the same things that she does. I thought he was presh. Maybe she is has a little more fire than she initially gives off.

Would you two girls do this all over again?


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