Holidate: Contestant Christian Has a Recap for SMW!

Holidate-1Your soul mate may be half-way across the country – and you don’t even know it! Well, SoapNet’s Holidate (airs Wednesdays, 10pm/9C) wants to increase your odds. The show allows you to “swap lives” with another singleista – who will set you up on three of her guy pals. Here’s one Holidater’s experience…

My name is Christian Cloud. I was nominated for this show and went through the audition process with honest and genuine intentions of finding love.

I have had a beautiful life. As you watched, you also heard about one aspect of my life, the lovely men that have come and gone. Obviously there is more…I have had and, experienced my share of hardships, ranging from death and abuse to Alzheimer’s. I am not a victim. I have made choices and lived. Some of them were not the right choices, but they were the right ones for me at the time. No excuses. My life has taken twists and turns, but I have tried to be as honest with myself as possible. I am proud of who I have become and the woman that I am.

I have to say, for a reality show, I am pleased. It was a blast!!!!

I went to New York City! Can you stand it? I moved to Venice Beach, after living out of a suitcase, to set down roots. I love every minute of my life here, but the adventure and the “chance” to meet my true love in a whole other city, across country was way too enticing to pass up!

I’m not an actress, nor do I aspire to be. Once again, I chose this experience to explore more of myself and to honestly take a chance. Why not? I have nothing to hide. My life is way to short and I have too much to share with the world.

I flew in, exhausted. Tai’s home was welcoming and very similar to mine. I knew immediately that we had at least a few things in common. I was thrilled. I didn’t know her, and yet I’m sleeping in her bed and she is sleeping in mine. What a trip!

The next day I was to embark on my 1st date. Not my 1st blind date. (I’ve only been on one before…btw, it was a good one. The chemistry in the kiss was missing), but my first blind date of this experience.

Shall I work backwards or in chronological sequence?

Save the best for last??? Naw!

I met Max.

What a gentleman. He’s Austrian, hence automatic passport!! Very key for me. He was so nervous…. too cute. I was thrilled with the set up. What a setting….Central Park , pond side, Boat House Restaurant, vino Blanco, and a handsome man wearing a suit. Jackpot!! It only got better. I felt an immediate connection with him. The date last 6 hours. There were TV timeouts, but we were oblivious and I have to say Max was a trooper through it all. We laughed, danced, and bonded through the full day. What you saw is exactly what happened. I giggled and he swept back his hair. What a prince!

Oye…then there was Aaron.

What you didn’t know or didn’t see was the fact that I had contracted food poisoning the morning of my second date and it lasted a few days!! I wanted to crawl up and die. The producers were very accommodating except for postponements. I had to push on through.

Doesn’t make up for the fact that I was completely bored with Aaron. I’m no art ingénue myself, but I have an acute appreciation for many things and I try to broaden my horizons often. He hasn’t been anywhere but Tennessee and New York. I almost fell over! All he felt really comfortable talking about was football. I went there. I can talk sports, but really????????

I was nauseous and ready to leave after the walk in SOHO.

Thanks Aaron for the lovely gesture of the purchasing a “Boulder Opal” from EVOLUTION. (My new fav store on Prince St)…very sweet of him. Lunch was like puling teeth though. Get me out of there!!


On paper he was all that I desire. Tai has her 3 “S’s”…I’d have to agree with those. On first impression he had all of them. He was sweet, but talked too much. He loves 3 things, Maine Lobster, Vermont and his mom. He made sure I knew it. He cracked me up…I really couldn’t get a word in, but it was probably a good thing. If I had opened my mouth, I might have puked up what lunch I did eat. It was a battle to get through that dinner. The boat ride was a quiet one home. I was done, finished, over it!! I watched the 3rd date and felt bad that I had “checked out” on Doug. He didn’t deserve it. I wish him the best.

…. Then there was Tai. We met and instantly formed a bond. I’ve been to NY and hung out with her and Max. She’s been to LA…I made he get back in that bike, dressed to the nines…just like her sassy self. I adore and admire Tai. We speak often and I know I’ve met a friend for life. She’s the best.

Out of this whole experience, I’ve learned to take risks and put myself out there. You never know what is around the corner and whom you’ll meet.

ChristianLove and sunshine,


Holidate premieres this Wednesday, July 29th at 10pm et/pt on SoapNet.

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