Holidate! Tai Beauchamp Recaps Episode #5

taiHi there!

Sorry to have missed you ladies for the last few episodes of “Holidate”. I just returned from a two-week trip to Africa which was utterly amazing and emotional!

Christian, my darling, thanks for holding down the

singlemindedwomen fort last week! Christian is traveling this week and will return to the blog for Episode 6.)

But here’s my take on Episode 5 where Patrycja, the beautiful Chicagoan, trades places with cheery Brittney from Charlotte.

The two of them are adorable yet very different. Where Patrycja is reserved and pulled back, Brittney is bubbly and ready-set-go. Is that the case with the men? I must admit that when I learn their ages, 26 and 28

respectively, I can’t help but wonder , “Are they really ready for love?” That of course begs the question, “Is there such thing as a perfect time/age to

‘settle’ down? ” Hmmm.

When I see Brittney’s first date Matt (tall, dark and handsome), I quickly reconsider and I think, “Brit, settle down, why don’t you!”

Brittney was extremely open and welcoming of Matt. She seems up for fun and the boat ride was a great idea. (It’s also a pretty popular “Holidate” excursion). Matt seemed genuinely interested in Brittney and she really appreciated the fact that he didn’t view her as a

“simple-minded” former NFL cheerleader.

I was, however, a little thrown off by Matt’s choice in attire. His choosing to wear a blazer for a boat ride seemed to contradict his laid back personality and date.

Patrycja and Tyler (with the adorable so southern accent) go on one of Holidate’s most adventurous dates yet: white water rafting.

Tyler remained a gentleman, protective and charming while water splashed he and Patrycja. At 26, he seems ready to in Beyonce’s word “put a ring on it!” But their date was too short for me to have a real judgment. I

will say that Patryca seemed a even more reserved and restrained than I thought and hoped. I’m sure that was first date jitters. It was a not-so-memorable memorable date as far as

I’m concerned.

Next, Patrycja meets up with Gary who appears quite accomplished and self-assured but not at all arrogant. Be that as it may, I was thrown by his flip flops. I know it’s superficial but I just loathe flip flops. But, hey, they don’t bother Patryca one bit.

For their date they take a speed boat to a small island for a picnic. It was very sweet, extremely romantic. I loved that Patrycja took the steering wheel for a bit. Gary ceased the opportunity to get close to her. And she

didn’t seem to mind. By the time the two of them

planted themselves on the beach…Gary warmed to me. He was sincere,easy going, but wholeheartedly into Patrycja.

Next up? Brittney meets August. He seems very cool and easy going. Their relaxed,tomboy-ish, take the train to a baseball game seems to put Brittney extremely at ease. They seem more like brother and sister than boyfriend

and girlfriend. August tries to be slightly romantic but I have a feeling that Brittney is thinking of setting him up with one of her friends instead of keeping him for herself. HMMMM…

When petite Brittney looks up to the 6’5″ Dave, I thought maybe she’d found her knight and shining armor. He was quite attractive.

I loved the way Patrycja described her friend Dave during her interview and note to Brittney. Any man that puts his woman first is a man who truly understands a woman’s worth.

Again there was some adventure but perhaps a little too much for me. I don’t know how Brittney was able to be so playful standing in the glass box of the Willis Building seemingly skies above the ground. Scary! What a way to create adrenaline on a date.

Dave and Britney have “chemistry!” I see sparks flying as they tango out of the building and onto the Chicago sidewalk! Wow! Will they tango all the way home? When the toe talk and show-n-tell ensues in the back of the limo, though hilariously funny to watch, I think not! Brittney’s cool but falling in like/love with a person is hard enough. Toe love comes a lot later!

When I first saw Stephen, I thought that he might be a little too reserved, even for Patryjca. Wasn’t sure how Patrycja would manage riding the seque (SP?) In her mini number and heels. But they did and they looked quite cute together.

I nearly cried when Stephen professed his love of Public Enemy? He seems so straight laced. I still can’t imagine him nodding his head to Flavor Flav! But the fact that Patrycja had recently saw them in concert, I thought, well maybe there will be a like-connection here. I

loved Stephen’s close out. He seemed sincere when he expressed how much he enjoyed his date with Patrycja.

A funny note…I find myself trying to determine who the chosen guy is by his walk. You know when the camera follows/leads the guy to the door?

In the end, the decisions were both slightly surprising to me. Obviously, Patrycja is also into Gary. Cute! I really had a feeling she would go for Stephen for some reason.

And I was wrong again in my choice for Britney. She chose Matt!

In the end, we all know whether its about age, flip flops or toes…perception is almost never reality…perhaps especially when it comes to “reality” tv.

I’ll be back in two weeks. In the mean time, I want to know what you thought of the show and what you think about age and commitment.

Love and blessings,



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