Holidate: Tai Beauchamp Recaps the Premier Episode for SMW!

20090724_TBEAUCHAMP_Holidate_300x169_0Your soul mate may be half-way across the country – and you don’t even know it! Well, SoapNet’s Holidate (airs Wednesdays, 10pm/9C) wants to increase your odds. The show allows you to “swap lives” with another singleista – who will set you up on three of her guy pals. Here’s one Holidater’s experience…

Love in LA?

As a rather social person who loves traveling, I’ve “been out” (I haven’t quite come to terms with the term “dating”) with a small share of guys (I was until recently a serial-monagomous. Most of the guys I’ve dated were in my native area of NYC, others in places like the ultra-conservative DC, full of southern charm Atlanta, and the rather serious London. I’ve always held my like-(and love) affairs, pretty close. I believe “a lady never kisses and tells.”

Be that as it may, I decided to take a step out of my proverbial dating box in my attempt to find like (or love) in front of cameras. At 31, I’m happy with who I am and excited about evolving even more…I’d love to share this journey with someoneM

I abandoned my go-go-go New York state-of-mind AND heels (a tough one) to meet 3 guys, all smart yet extremely laid back and a lot more “creative” and artsy than the “suits” I traditionally attract.

They say first impressions go a long way. Here’s what I thought about each guy 10 minutes into our date…tune in to see where my heart lands at the end.

Kamal, the model/actor/teacher

What I liked: HOT!!, Gorgeous accent, Warm, Into serving his community (sooooo attractive), International (born and raised in the Romance Capital of the world, Paris)

Where I scratched my head a bit:

I just am not into flip flops, he wore flip flops to our date…a little too LA for me…romance overload.

What we did: Spent a fab day in the sun: playing beach football, bikeriding, and crusing the marina.

Chris, the Director:

What I like: Handsome, very, very tall (as in tall enough to make me feel dainty), sensitive, close to family, entrepreneurial, gorgeous smile, athletic

The head scratcher: He (jokingly) threatened to take a float from a child.

What we did: Spent the afternoon poolside at a hip hotel sipping cocktails

John, The writer/Comedian

What I liked: Funny (I laughed 98% of the date), witty, likes children (writes for Nickelodeon), handsome, honest, enjoys a good time

The Head Scratcher: He wore a wrinkled shirt! And he thought he was still dating Christian…

What we did: had a yummy sushi dinner overlooking downtown LA

Tune in to see who I choose and tell me what you think!



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