How to Have an Office Affair—without Getting Caught

office-sex.jpg Relationship Channel – Water cooler flirtations. Playing footsie under the conference table. Having sex in the supply closet. If you’ve done any of the above, you’re in fast company. According to a recent Spherion/Harris Interactive survey of 1,500 employees, 40 percent have contemplated an office affair, while another 40 percent have actually acted on the impulse. And why not? A considerable number of our waking hours—forty hours each week or more on average—are spent at our jobs, not to mention weekends and overtime. We sit side-by-side in cubicles so small that you can’t help but learn every idiosyncrasy of your co-workers. We share victories, and commiserate over each other’s losses. In some cases, we know them better than their friends or families. Is it any wonder we’re open to making whoopee where we make our money?

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