I wanna live forever…

You’ve got to give it to Barbara Walters. She is the real life version of the Energizer Bunny.

Proof of this could be seen a couple of nights ago, in her latest ABC Special, “Live to Be 150 … Can You Do It?”

Barbara doesn’t look a day over….dare I say 60? She has already found the fountain of youth (I’m guessing, in some 5th Avenue doctor’s office).

Now she’s going to help the rest of us get, there, too, albeit without a nick or tuck. She talked to scientists who are growing organs and blood from stem cells and claim that, within another generation, we’ll be going in for parts replacements, just like cars. (I love that concept. But will my Blue Shield cover it? After reading SMW’s Health Editor, Tracy Morris’s wonderful article on women and healthcare coverage, I’m guessing that’s a resounding NO.)

She also met with a trio in their seventies who eat only 1/3 of what the rest of us do (or SHOULD do) as it pertains to calorie intake, under the notion that this makes them smarter, healthier, and longer-lived. And they go one step further: it’s not just how much you eat, but what you eat, too. When one of the EatLess’ers reeled off what he had for breakfast, I found myself salivating, but I’m sure our carnivore readers wishing it were more Atkins in scope: Nope, just a heckuva lot of fruits, grains, and nuts. The EatLess’er’s next meal—he only eats twice in a 24-hour period—would take place mid-day. No snacks, no din-din. (I don’t think he gets asked out to many dinner parties. Oh well, you choose what you lose, right? He’d rather tack on a few more years on the back end….)

But for what?

Eat, drink, converse, love. That’s the true essence of life. It’s not a race, it’s a journey.

Then you pay your taxes (and health insurance premiums) and die. Or not.

As for me, I’m makin’ hay while the sun shines. Or, as the case may be, while the silver screen flickers. In this month’s lead article in SMW’s Relationships Channel, I give our cinema heroines a reality check as I look at “reel romance.” Do we see ourselves in any of them? Maybe a little in each. Proof that we need more women screenwriters’ projects to be greenlighted.

(By the way, this article was a lot less strenuous to write than last week’s Spice of Life feature on the Mile High Club changes since Homeland Security…)

And today, in Martin Brown’s His Lips Unzipped feature, the issue of dating a married man is tackled. For sure, check it out.

See you at the movies,

Josie Brown
SMW Relationship Editor