Important Last Minute Voting Information

Voters at the polls 2Here are the answers to all you last-minute questions on the polls and voting, courtesy the New York Times.

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Josie Brown 
Relationship Editor –

Where is my polling place, and where can I check to see if I am actually registered to vote?

League of Women Voters

Where can I find a telephone number for my local election official?

Can I Vote and Overseas Vote Foundation

How do I know what identification is required to vote in my state?

Can I Vote

Where can I check to see if I am eligible to vote?

Can I Vote

Whom do I call if I run into problems on or before Election Day?

Election Protection

What are the hours of my polling place?

The Pew Center on the States

Where can I see what rules apply to students who want to vote?

Brennan Center for Justice

How do I register and request my ballot from overseas?

Overseas Vote Foundation

What do I do if my absentee ballot is late?

Overseas Vote Foundation

How can I be sure my voted absentee ballot is successfully delivered to my election office in time to be counted?

Overseas Vote Foundation