In Bruges: A Woman’s World Where Colin Farrell Wouldn’t be Welcomed

In Bruges is always on the lookout for serene sanctuaries that cater to women. So certainly we applaud The New York Times’ interesting article about the beguines of Belgium and other parts of northwestern Europe. This Roman Catholic laic order, begun by women to provide shelter for their gender during the turbulent period of the Crusades, still thrives today…

One of SMW’s wonderful experts, Dr. Susan Bartell, has put out an all-points-bulletin that may interest you: She’s seeking the questions that your kids that ask you the MOST. You know, the ones that drive you crazy, worry you, make you angry, frustrate you and make you smile….

For example, do they ask:

–Does God exist?
–Are we there yet?
–What will happen to me if you die?
–Do we have enough money?
–Can the baby go back in your tummy now?
–can I have another cookie?

Feel free to send her as many as you want. Just include the ages of your kids and where you live (state in the U.S or the country). And to make it worth your while, all emails will be entered in a raffle to win lots of fun prizes!! The more participants, the more prizes there will be

AND FINALLY: If, like me, you’ve heard too many disparaging remarks about women drivers, before you go off in a fit of road rage, check out today’s SMW Health feature article: Behind the Wheel: 7 Tips that May Save Your Life. You may already know these defensive driving techniques, but if not, these may save your life.

Drive Safely,

Josie Brown
Relatioships Channel Editor