Introducing Single Minded Women’s Trench Coat Single Mama

Here at Single Minded Women we are always on the hunt for fresh, talented, and oh so articulate Single Minded Moms and we have found a real firecracker in our newest columnist Jessica Pegis.

Pegis pens this week’s column,  Trench Coat Single Mama . . .ready for whatever life throws at her …where she waxes nostalgic about her evolution and that of her celebrity counterpart Madonna…you’ll just have to check it out if you want to hear the rest…

Our latest Family channel feature, The Savvy Single Mom by Cheryl M. Wenzel-Nelson, M.A of Becoming a Mother is a fabulous blueprint for single moms-to-be;  one that will help you organize your life and amass a strong solid Momtourage–a village of family and friends who will support you through the bumpy but ultimately joyful transition into single motherhood.

As always we hope you’ll consider us a part of your single mom’s momtourage.

Melissa Chapman
Family Channel Editor
Single Minded Women