Is Becoming a Single Mom the Latest Trend to Hit Hollywood?

daisy_ryan_meg_ryan_01.jpgIn these crazy economic times, middle class single moms who have painstakingly paid their mortgages, car insurance and taxes on time– each month- are now being faced with cleaning up the messes of larger than life- selfish- Wall Street tycoons who shamelessly  squandered more money on a dinner at Cipriani’s than a single mom spends on an entire month’s worth of groceries! These single moms in the trenches are scrimping and saving, cutting coupons and more often than not doing without. While some of these single moms have proudly chosen single motherhood, for others being a single mom has been a surprising life’s challenge, when a relationship went sour. 

I wonder, how do ordinary single moms in the trenches really feel about this glamorous new crop of Hollywood single moms- and I’m just throwing out a couple of names here…Sheryl Crow, Mary Louise Parker,  Meg Ryan and Nicole Richie, women who have chosen to adopt or get pregnant knowing full-well that they would be the sole provider for their child.

Do real single moms believe they can relate to these women– who have extremely DEEP pockets with which to raise these kids and of course, a trail of nannies, chefs, assistants, to handle grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and the myriad of tasks that single moms in the trenches often eek out a way to get done- while holding down an eight-hour -a-day job in the process!

So single moms in the trenches, I want to hear from you–how do you really feel about these Hollywood single moms? Are they the new face of single motherhood? And if so—is that a good or bad thing?

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