It’s a Gas (Theft)

main.jpgIf you’ve got a big tank on your car, look out:

You may be getting robbed—twice.

Certainly at your local gas station—where prices are hitting $4 and beyond, all over the country.

Then, again, as thieves siphon off the gas you’ve just pumped.

According to a recent Associated Press article, in such cities as Bethesda, Maryland, Shreveport, Louisana, Detroit and Denver, there have been reports of thieves are using cordless drills to punch holes into cars with plastic tanks: less chance of a spark, than, say, a car with a metal tank.

RVs, which have tanks that hold around 50 gallons, are also on the target list.

Time to buy a Prius ($21,500, with 48/mpg city/45 mpg highway) . Or the Honda Fit ($13,800, and 33 mpg city/38 mpg highway).

Toyota Yaris

Or for that matter, the Toyota Yaris ($11, 350, 28 city/36 highway).

If Detroit wants rejuvenation, why can’t it build a car gas-efficient car?

Better yet, bring back the electric car.

Time to get serious, or get out of the way of progress,

Josie Brown

SMW Relationship Editor