Jewel of the Nile

Confession: I only recently started getting into the jewelry game. Being a writer who’s tap-tap-tapping away at a laptop all day isn’t conducive to a wrist jangling with bracelets that just get in the way, and IDinosaur Designs have the unfortunate knack of losing earrings. (The last one-thankfully just a bargain faux diamond stud from Express-popped off along with my headphones on a recent flight from London, never to be seen again.) Still, I just can’t resist draping myself in something shiny, even if it’s a ball game, and not a ball, that I’m headed to. I’m a huge fan of Dinosaur Designs’ chunky and colorful resin rings (as featured in this week’s article, Jewel School); cheap and playful studs from Express (current fave: mini lips, just perfect for a fashion & beauty editor); vintage bangles and beaded necklaces discovered at flea markets; and this season’s trendy enamel bracelets. What about you? Tell me about your favorite jewelry piece in the forum section!

– By Erin Donnelly, Your Looks editor