The Jilted Bride and the Runaway Groom: Should She Sue?

Talk about a nightmare! You’ve just spent $95,000 on the wedding of your dreams–only to find out that your groom has gotten cold feet. Is revenge is a dish best served with a lawsuit?

According to celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, you betcha.

In discussing the case of Dominique Buttitta–a thirty-two year-old lawyer whose fiancé, thirty-one year-old Vito Salerno, canceled their wedding just four days before the big day was to take place–Allred told NBC’s Today Show: “Many states would permit her to recoup her out-of-pocket costs for the wedding preparations.”

Citing the legal theory of “detrimental reliance” Allred continued: “She relied on their joint decision regarding the marriage ceremony and party, and spent her own funds on her reliance on his representation. If he backs out, he should pay her back.”

Even if the jilted party is due her or his day in court, how does this address the underlying issue of why this marriage was a non-starter to begin with?

A simple fact: it doesn’t.

And yes: there were telltale signs that you were never going to make it down that aisle in the first place. Here are a few of them:

1. One of you never truly felt like “a couple.”

2. You always had communication issues.

3. One–or both–of you avoided asking deep questions, or giving candid answers.

4. One–or both–of you still flirted with the opposite sex.

5. The physical connection wasn’t that passionate.

6. You were always jealous, or didn’t trust him.

7. He showed interest in other women.

8. You–or he–couldn’t claim to others to be “in love”.

Does any of this sound like your relationship? Then don’t writer that deposit check to the wedding planner.

Instead, put it toward couples counseling. That way, if it turns out it just wasn’t meant to be, you’ll be better prepared to recognize Mr. Right when he crosses your path.

On another note, here’s how one bride turned a sour situation into some great karma…


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