Kate Perry, Kick-Ass (Literally!) Woman

No matter the message or the medium, the best writers I know (say, Anne Lamott, Martin Cruz Smith, Karin Tabke, and of course SMW editors like Paula Santonocito, Melissa Chapman and Erin Donnelly) look inward for inspiration.

Here’s another one: I recently had drinks with a group of author friends. One of them, Kate Perry, mentioned that she’s a black belt in Kung Fu San Soo (!!!!), and was about to move up in that distinction, to another black belt class. To do so, she was taking part in a demonstration that just so happened to be taking place near my home. Very cool! Of course I had to be there…

So glad I went. I was swept up in the lore of this Chinese martial art, which, as explained by grand master Andre Salvage, is a form of streetfighting that was developed by monks in the Guangdong province in southern China. One third of the demonstration’s participants were women, as was one of the three San Francisco Bay Area-based grand masters.

Kate Perry, when not kicking ass…Besides taking down several threatening dudes with some moves that would have rivaled Jennifer Garner‘s on ALIAS, she was quick to point out to the audience that San Soo is as much of a mental exercise as a physical one: you must quickly assess the situation, anticipate your opponent’s thoughts, and make your move before he does—

All of which she does with the grace of a killer ballerina.

Too cool.

Kate’s next book series, which launches February 1, 2009 with the book MARKED BY PASSION, will be drawn from her knowledge of (and passion for) San Soo. And yes, I certainly plan on buying the very first copy.

Speaking of passionate discourse and all the wrong moves: Check out today’s new Relationship Channel article on SMW, where, John Gray counsels a woman whose boyfriend seems to forget all the dates that are important to her. (He’s lucky his squeeze isn’t Kate Perry…)

Making some moves of my own,

Josie Brown

SMW Relationship Channel Editor