Lennon’s Muse and Me

My old friend May Pang has a new book out.  Instamatic Karma is a photographic record of May’s time with John during the time that has “officially” been called his “lost weekend.”  That time (a lot longer than a weekend and not so much lost as written out of the Lennon biography by the gatekeepers of his legend) is brought to vivid life in the book that shows John as vital, happy and….hot (yes, folks, Lennon was a hottie!).

May and I worked together while I was a publicist at one of her publishers and I liked her the minute she came in to meet me.  Funny, cool and warm, I could see what John fell in love with (he wrote the song, “Sweet Bird of Pardise” for May). 

We became friends and May gave me sage advice on a bad relationship that was going even more south than I could imagine.  “Get out of it,” May said.  “Being on your own is not something to be afraid of and you can’t find the person you were meant to be with if you’re not happy being by yourself.”

May’s warmth and exuberance came rushing back to me today (my birthday!) as we did the interview for a piece that we’ll publish here on SMW next month.  She tells us what its like to be single after being the girlfriend of a rock god and how John’s spirit continues to inspire her in her work as an independent woman, entrepreneur and single mom.

Tune in with us as May shares her very private, “photographic” memory of John Lennon on April’s Escape Channel.

Gretchen Kelly
Escapes Editor