London Britches Falling Down? The New Sexchange Rate

The British pound is now worth almost twice the dollar. Ladies, if you’re bemoaning the cost of your next trip over the pond, consider this dubious solution:

Sex—and the single pound.

Some bloke is offering sharing his flat—and his bed—with any woman willing to share, as he puts it, “a room with a tall, attractive, quiet, deep-thinking, considerate British guy in NE London.

This photo, posted with his ad, demonstrates how…er….DEEP he’s thinking about this proposition.

Granted, to sweeten the deal, he points out that the offer also includes “free internet, all bills paid, (except food), good transport links; lots of buses within 3mins walk, overland trains within 2mins, tube within 10mins by bus. Local grocers, off-license, newsagents, take-aways, laundrette, (though I have a washing machine you can use)…” as well as “double bed, with luxurious duck-down duvet, with a burgundy velvet-textured cover, duck-down pillows and a sexy guy in his early 30’s to share the company of for your stay…”

In exchange, he asks for “intimacy/sex, chats over a meal with a glass of wine or a good beer, hugs, massages and nights in of doing nothing together except having fun…”

Still, I’m willing to bet you dollars to doughnuts—perhaps I should say pounds to penis?—that this sort of arrangement would be more hassle than it’s worth.

One bonus: he points out that he is a teacher. Considering the British education system, it may be worth it for the opportunity to brush up on your European history.

Or your sex education.

Ding DONG.

Well, when asked if you had a fun trip, you can always answer: “Yeah, but my host was a real stiff.”

Pun intended.

If you’ve got a better one, I’m all ears. Just put your comment here… 

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An ounce of prevention is worth a (British) pound of cure,

Josie Brown
SMW Relationship Editor