Luck Be a Lady Tonight

bridget.jpgBy the time you read this, I’ll be on my third trip to the all-you-can-eat buffet in some Las Vegas casino. The only thing scarier about the calorie intake I’ll be happily shoving down my gullet is the fact that this is my first proper vacation with a boyfriend.

For a tried-and-true, famously non-committal single gal like me, that deserves a big GULP. As someone who has always embraced my singlehood (okay, in between those few awful post-breakup moments of weakness), it’s been a big adjustment to fall into that mystical couple behavior…the Valentine’s meals, the plan-making, the checking in with one another. It’s a far cry from my normal, independent single life.

So I wonder about the other single women (aka confirmed bachelorettes) out there who find themselves in new relationships. What couple behavior has freaked you out the most? What have the best – and worst – changes?

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-Erin Donnelly, Your Looks Editor