Make Up Tricks From a Professional Makeup Artist

This past week I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented make-up artist who  Cameron Diazprepared me for my local T.V. debut.  Her name is Allison Pynn and she is well-known nationally for her natural and flawless “look.”Allison was kind enough to share her secrets with me in the event I was forced to do my own make up for the camera or if I just wanted to enhance my natural look. So, I thought I’d share what I learned with our readers.1). Foundation is a must for most women. Especially if you will be on camera. However, you don’t need special make up for TV if you have the right foundation. Every day foundation should be mixed with a little moisturizer to thin it out and applied with a brush. If you will be on camera, choose a foundation with a yellow undertone and also add a few drops of your moisturizer. Don’t forget to apply below the jaw line to avoid foundation lines. And, you can also apply this foundation under your eyes, around your nose, or anywhere else you would normally use a concealor.

2). Blush is a must and so is a little bronzer. You’d be surprised at how a little bronzer on top of your foundation can give your face a natural glow. Use it on your cheeks, forehead and neck, but use it sparingly…too much and you’ll end up with an orange mask. Bronzer is great for the camera or every day. But if you prefer to use blush only, make sure you follow the same application rules. I’m hooked on the mineral blushes and so is Allison. There are a number of new minerals products on the market that when used correctly, will give you a very natural and rosy look .

3). Eyes have it. Emphasize your eyes with dark eye shadow. Bronze, brown, black are best for the camera and don’t forget to curl your lashes. I never curl my lashes but when Allison did, I was amazed at how they made my eyes pop. Another trick, consider adding a few fake eye lashes. You may not need an entire set for each eye, rather just a couple strategically placed ones at the end of each eye will give the illusion that your eyes are bigger and lashes are longer.

4). Lips! Choose a lip liner and lip color that matches your natural lip color. And, don’t be afraid to blend colors. Lips need to be especially bold for the camera and often times, combining several colors will give you the look that works best with your skin tone and the color of your top. Allison used a Spice colored lip liner on me, which now every major brand has.

5). Powder up. Right before you go on camera or before making your big appearance, dust a little loose powder over your T-zone, but go lightly on your cheeks. You don’t want to dull the blush or bronzer that you just applied.

Thank you Allison for sharing a few tricks of the trade and for getting me “camera-ready.”

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 —Allison O’Connor

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