Meow! Daily Show Puts the Term “Cougar” (sexy older woman) into Perspective

Kristen SchaalA few years ago, when the word “cougar” came into popularity as a term for older women who sexually enjoy—and actively seek out—the company of younger men, there was a benign acceptance of it from all factions. In fact, many of the women it described actually embraced this new moniker.

Maybe hindsight really is 20/20: particularly when it’s being looked at from the adorably cockeyed POV of Kristen Schaal, or as Jon Stewart ironically puts it, the Daily Show‘s “senior women’s correspondent.” Seriously, this skit in which she takes a literal view of that word, as it’s now applied to a woman of a certain age with a certainly active libido is priceless. Click here to see for yourself…

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset: The Key to Growth

I always love it when I learn something new. For example, until I’d read Martin Brown’s article right here in about the Mayo Clinic study on massage for women with depression, I didn’t realize how important touch was for our emotional wellbeing. And Paula Santonocito‘s insights into still-hot (and getting hotter) job markets was info I readily passed along to a girlfriend who is going back to school, and wants to be in a relevant field.

Besides being an avid reader, I use travel to have new experiences. It’s great to see that I’m doing all the right things in order to grow both mentally and emotionally. At least, that’s according to a recent article in the New York Times on mental growth. Read it for yourself, if only to stretch your mind just a teensy bit more…

Try something new today,

Josie Brown
SMW Relationships Editor