Meow! The Catwalk Fight—

—Is over.
Back in 2003, supermodel Naomi Campbell alluded that the singer formerly known as Posh Spice didn’t live up to her name.

In retaliation, Posh called her “a massive cow,” then added: “I’m the only one with the guts to say it.”

But life (and skirts, not to mention careers) are too short to stay pissed at a former frenemy. On Monday night, the two lovely ladies kissed and made up at Council of Fashion Designer of America awards.

As for what they were wearing, the ‘razzis duly noted Naomi’s vintage YSL, and the now divine Ms. Beckham in Marc Jacobs froufrou. Obviously the dress does not make Victoria happy, because she isn’t smiling. What a shame.

Speaking of smiling, check out Erin Donnelly’s article on teeth whiteners, in SMW’s Look Channel. And SMW addresses the issues of catfights at work in our Careers Channel.

This reunion has moved me to make amends, too:

Ally Rusu, please forgive me for snubbing you in fifth grade.

PS: I’ve invited the press to our reunion, at the Coffee Bean on Fillmore, this Saturday. Does, say, 10ish work for you?

I’ll be the one with cappucino foam on my lips.

Say “cheesy,”
Josie Brown
SMW Relationship Editor

Photos: WireImage