More Reel Romance: EW Gets It Right

GHOST movieBeing the romantic I am, not to mention an avid cinephile (oh, okay, I guess I’m a little more strict about my movie dogma, so actually I’m a cinematrix–and yes, I’ve copyrighted that one), I love it when the movies get love right.

Apparently, so does, which has put together its own “Top 25 List of Romantic Gestures in Film.” For the most part, I agree with it. I mean, who can argue with Patrick Swayzes ethereal love for Demi Moore, in Ghost? Or the look of post-coital bliss on Kate Winslet‘s face, as she lies there, nude, while her lover, Leonardo DiCaprio, sketches her, in Titanic? Not to mention Julia Roberts‘ radiant smile in Pretty Woman, as Richard Gere climbs a fire escape, bouquet in hand, to be rescued by her.

Now that’s Blue Ray amore…

Ageless Love: Speaking of love, who says you have to be a twentysomething to experience the passion? A new survey shows that love—and marriage—over 40 is the new 20. I write about it here in today’s Relationships Channel feature…

Summer of Love AND Romance: Because of my own novels, (True Hollywood Lies, Impossibly Tongue-Tied) I happened to join a great organization that supoprts women novelists, The Romance Writers of America. Well, this week many of their 4,000 members have converged on San Francisco this week (my home town) in order to discuss love, lust and romance in a city where it’s an art form.

Two of their very prolific members also happen to be rising stars in that field:

Stephanie Bond has just come out with the third of her BODY MOVERS series, Three Men and a Body has a cute, gutsy heroine, three men, and Neiman Marcus. What more can a woman ask for? (Oh yeah, a great mystery to boot.)

Karin Tabke‘s Master of Surrender is historical fiction at its best. The first of this eight-book seriees, of eight mercenary knights who escape a Saracen prison in order to fight for William the Conqueror, brings the passion and the fury of that era to life.

Always reading romance,

Josie Brown
Relationships Editor