Must Love Kids, but do we love this show?

tracy-bio-pic.jpgOk, so as I was ready to relax and watch Must Love Kids, I realized that our Himmy had burped up one good hairball in the middle of my mattress and it took me at least five minutes to clean up the mess and change the sheet. Ergo, I struggled with attaching names to people. But I really liked the three women featured.

Having said that, it’s too bad that mainstream shows like this can’t feature something other than three white heterosexual women. Imagine the ripples if one of them turned out to be gay or bi or Arab or Aboriginal or you name it.I’ll be very anxious to see what Ms. Single Mama thinks, but my verdict was generally favourable.

While this is an elimination show a la Survivor, you weren’t aware of it until the last five minutes. Three single moms got to meet an assortment of six or so eligible men in different venues. An overwhelming need to clean out the litterbox (currently at the foot of my bed) at 9:10 prevented me from figuring out what each venue was but at least one of them was a boat.

And one group of guys cooked. It took one guy to get them going but they did it. And how good is that.

The moms brought it on on date night–each one looked stunning. Tracy (pictured) was the most poised. Brimming with confidence, she hugged the guys right away and just seemed in charge.

Vanessa had said she mostly wanted someone who would love her kids but when she walked in, the guys were gobstruck. Kristin seemed like the strictest mom but the guys loved her; she didn’t eliminate anyone.

And the guys were also pretty awesome. Of course, they were on their best behaviour, but what the hey. It’s no picnic appearing on any reality show, much less a dating one.

I thought the show did a decent job of presenting the realities of dating with kids. Moms love their kids. If dating’s going to work, it has to start with that bald fact. At this rate, this show might be more interesting than The Baby Borrowers.


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