National Singles Week, National Girlfriends Day: Dollface, We Heart U!

The third Sunday in September is National Women’s Friendship Day.

Single Women gather at Tino Vino, Cleveland, OHThat seems fitting, because for a couple of decades now that, officially, the third full week of September has been National Unmarried and Single Americans Week. We have the Buckeye Singles Council (Ohio) for this: this organization pushed for official recognition for the role single people play in society.

Many are single by choice.  And the women who have chosen this route aren’t “spinsters.” They are fun, witty, and fully-engaged in their lives and worthy causes.

They are not defined by a spouse, a child, or a job. They enjoy their lives, and live them to their fullest. We, their married friends, live vicariously through them, relishing their tales of travel and their heart-wrenching dating intrigues.

Bella DePaulo,  the social psychologist whose book, Singled Out, acknowledges the scope of the single woman’s contribution to life as we know it, points out that the key to a complete and fulfilled life is friendships, whether you’re single or committed.

We HEART U, our single gal pals.

In fact, there are 92 million unmarried Americans. Can you imagine the impact their collective voices could have in such important issues as universal healthcare, education, Social Security and tax reform?

Politicians, don’t discount the Single Agenda: equality and parity on all these issues. Single people should not have to pay more to get less.

In celebration of single lives well lived,

Josie Brown

Relationship Editor,