New Study Says Brunettes, Not Blondes, Have More Fun

Betty and VeronicaGentlemen may prefer blondes, but according to a new study from hair colorists Schwarzkopf & Henkel (via The Daily Mail), brunettes are having the last laugh. The study, which included 3,000 women, found that raven-haired ladies on average made more money (roughly $8,500 more a year) and had more success with men (20% of brunettes claimed 5 or more romantic relationships in their dating history, compared to 13% of blondes, though that could mean that blondes are more successful at maintaining long-term relationships).

Says Camila Lobo-Guerrero of Schwarzkopf & Henke, “It’s always assumed blondes have more fun, therefore had more success in their love lives and careers too. Our research shows that blondes still do have more fun but aren’t taken as seriously as women with darker hair  –  both at work and play. Brunettes are climbing the career ladder quicker as well as having better luck in love which may explain why stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kelly Brook, Kate Beckinsale and Eva Longoria are so successful. Hair color can not only change your appearance but also change your mindset and people’s perception of you too.”

As a natural (and still-ticking!) blonde, I’d of course love to dispute these charges…but maybe I should be rushing off to the colorist instead? But I’m eager to hear what you think. Does hair color really matter? And, if so, where do redheads figure in?

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-Erin Donnelly, Your Looks Editor