Nikki Haskell’s Celebrity Scene: Hellzapoppin!

Nikki and AribeThings have been very hectic to say the least. I have been to Miami twice in the last two months once for the grand re-opening of the famed Fountainebleau Hotel…and what a p arty weekend it was. My dear friend Don Soffer and his son Jeff spent $700 million on the renovation. When I was a little girl my Aunt Evie and Uncle Lou from Chicago vacationed there every winter and I would always visit them. I have always loved going to Miami. In the 70s I belonged to The Palm Bay, the hottest private club. For years I went to down to Miami every weekend…we played backgammon all day, feasted on champagne and caviar—always dressed in black tie and ball gowns. Later we would dance the night away. Back to reality.

I had so much fun the first night of the opening. Mariah Carey performed; of course she was great. I had a ball sitting in the VIP lounge with George Hamilton, James Caan, and Brett Ratner. The next day the weather was perfect and the new pool was positively majestic—filled big white beach umbrellas and lots of sexy blondes dressed as mermaids blowing bubbles and floating in silver sea shells. A Latin trio played in the background, and all the stars and hitters were everywhere.

That night they hosted a Victoria’s Secret fashion show…what a star-studded affair. I walked down the red carpet with Diddy, the recording artist Mario, Richard Johnson of Page Six (I have always though he’s is so handsome) and Gwyneth Paltrow. Looking seriously hot was Kim Kardashian. Some say she is very smitten with Jeff Soffer, who is very attractive. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors…Back to the fashion show where 36 of the world’s most famous models walked down the catwalk. 90 percent of them were naked with hair down to the ground. Oribe, the famous hair stylist, his associate Kevin Apple, plus all of the other hair stylists from his salon in South Beach worked on the supermodels for hours. The fashion show was out of sight. It opened with Usher singing and dancing. I am such an Usher fan.

In fact, he’s a friend of mine. I first met him at the World Music Awards in Las Vegas, the year that Clive Davis was honored. The party continued at the Fountainebleu’s hot club. I hung out with John Stamos, Mario Lopez, Russell Simmons, and Bret Ratner.

Then it was back to the cold weather in New York City where I accompanied Clive Davis to the ROBERT F. KENNEDY CENTER FOR JUSTCE & HUMAN RIGHTS Bridge Dedication Gala where he was also honored. As most New Yorkers already know, they changed the name of the Triborough Bridge to the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. Why? I don’t know; it cost the City of New York $2 million just to change the street signs! Hillary Clinton, most of the Kennedy’s and Alec Baldwin were there. You can see the photos on

For Thanksgiving, my dear friends Eva and Stanley, felt it would be good for me to get away a change of scenery as I have been under so much pressure, so we hopped on a plane and flew down to Charlottesville, Virginia. I had never been there before and what beautiful countryside. We visited with friends who have the most magnificent estate on 9,000 acres in the same area that Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe lived.  It was the most magnificent estate that I have ever seen with the most beautiful formal gardens, elegant antique furnishing and not to mention that they had vineyards as far as the eye could see. It was the most charming weekend in this beautiful setting, and, of course, what’s Thanksgiving without turkey and stuffing and all the timings. I ate so much I felt like one of the pilgrims.

For Xmas I visited Aspen to see my darling family. I am staying with my friend Denise Rich, who is fun fun fun.  The first night we went to The Little Nell and hung out with Paris and Nicky Hilton. I am just crazy about the girls. I have been friends with Kathy and Rick Hilton for years and have known the girls since they were babies. Paris was telling everyone about her robbery, she had the video tape on her blackberry of the break-in. You could see a hooded figure – who knew exactly where the keys were – walk into the closet where the safe was, which was open. He put everything in a bag and walked right out of the house. Paris said they took over $2 million dollars of jewelry and she lives in a gated community! You have to be so careful. Aspen was really hopping… Jack Nicholson, Mariah Carey, Ivana Trump and Brett Ratner were all there.

I haven’t even touched upon New Years.

Catch up with you next week. In the meantime, I want to invite everyone to Henri Bendels next week to join Margaux Levy, founder of Freeze 24-7, as she introduces the revolutionary new product REVERSITAL MICRODERMASTICK at an exclusive trunk show. Ladies, get it fast; it’ll change your life.

 — Nikki


Nikki Haskell is a diet advisor, socialite, and internationally