Of Gypsy Queens & Frozen Beans, Shining Light on Things Unseen

I am a very private person. In this bold world of revealing blogs and “reality” TV, I usually opt for keeping my mouth shut. Sure, there was a time when I felt there was something to gain by people finding out details about me, Me, ME… but that was a long time ago, before I retired my Pollyanna hat.

For some unexplainable reason, though, I revealed a tawdry tidbit about myself in this week’s feature on Single Minded Meals (aptly subtitled Wag a Frozen Finger In Their Faces.)

Okay, “tawdry” may not be accurate. How steamy can one get when discussing frozen dinners and vegetables?

Since exposing my inner workings is emotionally uncomfy for me, I’m not saying it again here. You’ll have to dig it up from the article. But here’s a hint: WWMD? (“M” representing that still-reigning Queen o’ Domesticity, She who rose again from within the steel bars to reclaim her throne…)

Here’s one thing I do feel comfortable revealing: I’ve never used the services of a naturopathic physician. But after doing the research for an upcoming book review and talking with Jane Guiltinan N.D. in The Health Paths Less Traveled, I’ve decided I just might wander that road.

Like anyone else, I have my own biases, my own quirky perceptions of reality that differ from others’ viewpoints on myriad topics. Probably because of the atypical individuals I’ve encountered over the years who used naturopathic doctors, I tended to figure that while naturopaths are a medical care option, they must miss some things (like updates on hard science research) quite often. Now, after talking with women who aren’t wearing flowing gypsy garb, I think differently. Fortunately the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians has a searchable database.

For the record, I have nothing against gypsy dresses. On the right people. At the right time. I even wore them during one particular decade.

Yes, in a former life, I thought that if you treat others respectfully they will always return the favor. When it came time to blow out my candles, I used my one shining moment of psychic energy to bestow the wish for peace upon the world. I learned how to make homemade noodles from scratch with nary a kitchen appliance in sight.

That’s more than enough personal revelation from me for now. Search for the scandalous secret from my past while reading up on whether or not you can thrive on a typical single woman’s “meal plan.” I’ve got whole wheat bread to bake.

me & my computer ~Tracy Morris, Health Channel editor