On Bad Reality TV Moms

goselin_kate-2028_resized_249x333AOL did a feature this morning on Bad Reality TV Moms. Their picks were:

Kate Gosselin – Show: Jon and Kate plus 8
Kris Jenner – Show: Keeping up with the Kardashians
Dina Lohan – Show: Living Lohan
Janice Dickenson – Show: The Modeling Agency
Nikki McKibbin – Show: Sober House
Vicki Gunvalson – Show: The Real Housewives of Orange County
Shannon Moakler – Show: The Barkers
Sharon Osbourne – Show: The Osbournes
Sister Patterson – Show: I Love NY
Denise Richardson – Show: It’s Complicated
Joan Rivers – Show: Celebrity Apprentice
Ramona Singer – Show: The Real Housewives of NYC

Here’s how I feel. There are a few names on this list that I agree warrant the title of Bad Reality TV Mom. But let’s not forget, when you bring a camera into your home for hours on end each day (especially when you have 8 children), you are bound to capture moments that you wish remained between you and your family. I guess that’s the price of being a reality star. You agree to show the good, bad and ugly of your life and personality. And lets face it, that’s why reality viewers tune in every week. We’re not interested in the boring and mundane. We want the juicy bits that makes these reality shows a success.     

I personally, cringe when I see footage from some of my favorite reality shows. Do I think they are all horrible mothers? Not all. I think they all love their children. But sometimes it’s the way they express their love that has us all scratching our heads.

What do you think? Any reality moms you think should be on this list or not? Let us know.

Allison O’Connor