On Bullying

As a parent I was recently faced with a situation that frightened me to the point that I thought about home schooling my daughter. Earlier this school year, my 7 year old daughter became the victim of a bully. This child taunted my daughter, belittled her and even struck her!

Following proper school protocol, we alerted the teacher, principal and parents. As the year progressed, the bullying behavior subsided for a time and then started all over again. This child has been removed countless times from the class, not only for her behavior toward my child, but others in the class including the teacher.

But what concerns me and the rest of the parents in the class is, why is this child still allowed to attend this school? What happened to zero tolerance? And if a child is a bully at 7, will she always be a bully? Next year my daughter is attending a new school where a first time bullying offense is not taken lightly.

Unfortunately, as a parent, you may come face to face with a bully or dare I say, your child is a bully. Therefore, we asked Dr. Susan Bartell to give us some usable tips and advice on How to Handle a Bully and What to Do if You Think Your Child is A Bully and the 7 Signs Your Child May Be a Bully. 

Bullying is serious business that should not be tolerated in school or in the workplace. Oh, and we have an article on that one too!

If you child has been the victim of a bully, let us know how you handled it.

-Allison O’Connor