On Employer Issues and You

People sometimes ask me which workplace issues are top of mind for employers.

Companies continue to grapple with rising health care costs; providing benefits related to work/life balance; and how to best leverage the latest Internet technology for employee communication, education, and training.

But the number one workplace issue for employers remains how to recruit and retain top talent. Interestingly, this holds true in a booming economy, and in times of slow (or no) growth.

What does this mean to you, as an SMW reader?

If you’re an A-list employee, you have market value, even in a down economy.

It’s important to realize this, no matter where your career is at–whether you’re vying for a promotion, concerned about losing your current job, or out of work and seeking employment.

Sometimes it’s a matter of recognizing and effectively conveying your experience and skills.

But what happens if you’re not quite an A-list employee?

Opportunity exists for you as well, as in opportunity to hone your skills and improve your employment value.

In the coming weeks and months, SingleMindedWomen.com will address career challenges you face in the current business climate. Look for articles about relocating for a job in a turbulent real estate market, how layoffs in your company’s industry might affect you, and what to say (and not say) in a job interview, among other topics.

As always, in covering various work-related issues, we’ll provide you with insight into where employers are coming from in order to give you an edge.

The SMW Career channel will help you channel your work efforts for maximum results, so stay tuned.

Paula Santonocito
Career Editor, SingleMindedWomen.com