On Finding Employment Opportunities

It’s a tough job market out there. That’s why here at SingleMindedWomen.com we’ve been doing our best to bring you useful information to help you find a job that’s a fit, land an interview, ace the interview, and more.

Recently, we also entered into a partnership with FlexJobs in order to bring you a job search tool. Not only do you have access to a great resource, but as a SingleMindedWomen.com reader you qualify for a 30 percent discount.

What’s really exciting to us is that job seekers are finding success at FlexJobs.

SingleMindedWomen.com Escapes Editor Melanie Nayer shares a friend’s experience with FlexJobs: “I suggested a friend of mine sign up and she did so this week — she was hesitant at first because you have to pay, but within 24 hours she had job recommendations and only two days later she was called for an informational interview.

“She doesn’t have a job, yet, but at least she got a call back and that alone was self-assuring. She also really liked that FlexJobs didn’t send her any jobs she wasn’t qualified for — apparently, the job matches she received were exactly what she would have applied for, so that’s a great note!”

It is a great note, and it’s a welcome change from the junk jobs or “black hole” you hear about when people attempt to use some other job sites.

So, if you or a friend is looking for an employment opportunity, be sure to visit SingleMindedWomen.com and take advantage of our partnership with FlexJobs.

It might just make the difference in your career.

Paula Santonocito
Career Editor, SingleMindedWomen.com