On Holiday Reflections

The holidays are a time a lot of people feel pressured. In addition to all the usual tasks and responsibilities, more have been added to the list.

For single-minded women, the holiday season often involves visiting with family or friends. Depending on your situation, it can be difficult to be a bearer of good cheer, which in turn creates more pressure.

If you’ve recently lost your job or you’re worried about employment security, for example, it can be challenging to be upbeat, particularly around people who know you well.

Although you don’t want to dwell on the negative during this season of glad tidings, spending time with family or friends does give you a chance to share your circumstances. You may be surprised at the support you receive.

Remember, no one goes it alone, not even single-minded women. The strength that comes from personal relationships can be a very special gift during a difficult holiday season. This year, be generous with yourself.

Paula Santonocito
Career Editor, SingleMindedWomen.com