On Lending a Helping Hand


This past October, SingleMindedWomen.com joined forces with single parent blogger Matt Logelin in support of the My Stuff Bags Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides comfort items to abused, neglected and abandoned children around the country.

Most of us have felt the effects of a down economy and scaled back on our holiday shopping. But many of us can’t image what it is like to be a child that has been neglected or abused, let alone abandoned by their family.

Organizations such as the My Stuff Bags Foundation, which rely heavily on generous corporate and private donations, were hit especially hard this year. However, we are proud to report that the Logelin Family Gift Registry established in conjunction with SingleMindedWomen.com and in support of the My Stuff Bags Foundation, inspired over 200 private donations, including a $25,000 check from an anonymous donor.

What a difference those contributions have made to needy children all around the country. So, on behalf of everyone at SingleMindedWomen.com, we’d like to thank you for lending a helping hand this holiday season. We know it may have been difficult for you to give during these trying economic times, but even the smallest of donations went a  long way to putting a smile on a child’s face this holiday season.

Our very best wishes for a wonderful 2009!

Allison O’Connor, Founder