On Mad Employers

There’s a tendency to think of companies as monolithic entities that issue decrees and deliver pronouncements from on high. But a company, even a big one, is really only a group of people. And people, as we all know, make good and bad decisions.

And sometimes they do really dumb things. Take a recent move on the part of consumer appliance chain Circuit City.

A company executive ordered that all copies of MAD Magazine’s August issue, which features a parody of Circuit City called “Sucker City,” be pulled from display at the company’s stores.

And so, employees, heeding the management directive, went on a mad dash to remove the magazine from public view.

End of story?


A company is really only a group of people. And sometimes people do smart things, too.

Like Jim Babb of Circuit City’s corporate communications department. Babb indicated that the company recognized its lapse in judgment and that the magazines were put back on display. What’s more, Babb responded with humor and grace to a situation that could have tarnished the company’s image.

For a great example of how a company can acknowledge and rectify an act of corporate madness, read Babb’s message to The Consumerist.

Paula Santonocito
Career Editor, SingleMindedWomen.com