On Michelle

Last week, The New York Times featured an insightful article about Michelle Obama, the woman who may become the country’s next first lady.

To access the article, you first have to register at The New York Times site. You can then search for “After Attacks, Michelle Obama Looks for a New Introduction” by Michael Powell and Jodi Kantor.

Although Michelle Obama is the focus of attention because she is the candidate’s wife, the article shows she also happens to be a woman of substance, one with an impressive record of accomplishments.

From humble beginnings, she attended and graduated from both Princeton University and Harvard Law School, worked for a prestigious law firm, and founded a Chicago chapter of a training program for disadvantaged youth. She is currently on leave from the job she’s held since 2001, vice president of community affairs for the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she has made a substantial impact—and reportedly earns in excess of $300,000 annually.

In other words, the woman’s got game.

Since Michelle Obama is indeed a wife, she doesn’t qualify as a SMW. Yet, her professional accomplishments, her ability to juggle her personal life, most notably her responsibilities as the mother of two young daughters (whose father travels a lot on business), and her strength under the glare of the spotlight, earn her honorary SMW status.

If Michelle Obama’s husband gets bumped to the top job, the country will have a first lady with a first-rate mind of her own.

Paula Santonocito

Career Editor, SingleMindedWomen.com