On Mindless Eating

Don't talk to me!

I don’t know what’s wrong, but for the past 3 days I can’t seem to stop eating! But what’s worse, I don’t care what I’m eating as long as I’m eating. Our health editor Martin Brown calls this mindless eating. In fact, Martin even wrote an article about this topic for SMW not long ago.

Well, this morning I re-read his article; Mindless Eating and What You Can Do About It, along with a few others on weight loss to try and understand why I have developed this recent obsession with peanut butter slathered on anything and everything…and I do mean everything!

I admit this has been a particularly stressful week; a friend is near the end of his battle with cancer, the economy shows no real signs of rebounding, and summer vacation just started here in Phoenix. All these things have lead to a week of sleepless nights, feeling anxious and dare I admit – feeling a bit depressed.

According to Martin, realizing why you are overeating is the first step in regaining control of what we put in our mouths. In truth, even after I ate something I knew I shouldn’t have, I never felt full or satisfied. I realized now that I needed something else other than food to make me feel better. Wish I opted for a run on the treadmill or hula hooping with my daughter rather than the jumbo bowl of ice cream.

But, today’s a new day with new food options and a chance to get back on track. I’ll strive to use the smaller dinner plate, forego seconds, hide the peanut butter, drink more water and get at least 30 minutes of exercise. That’s my goal anyway.

For those of you that can relate but still need a gentle nudge to regain control, send Martin an email. He’s one of the most positive people you will ever connect with and knows first hand what it’s like to struggle with weight loss. Or, just read a few of his articles on the health channel. Let me know how you make out.

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