On Mixing Business with Pleasure

Kudos to Josie Brown for sharing her terrific insights on political affairs in her blog post last week!

The John Edwards’ confession—if you can call it that (he got caught)—has certainly generated a lot of discussion among families, friends, and coworkers since the story broke last week.

There are so many angles and implications that can be explored, including whether a politician who lies about his personal behavior can be trusted on matters of national importance. It’s the same discussion we were all having when President Clinton did not have sex with that woman.

Interestingly, the Bill Clinton and Monica thing and the Edwards’ fling have more in common than initial denial and politics. Both men engaged in extra-curricular activities with employees.

Monica Lewinsky was a White House intern, who indirectly worked for the president. Rielle Hunter, the woman with whom Edwards had an affair, was a contract worker, employed by the Edwards campaign to create promotional videos.

Yet, you don’t hear much about the relationships in this context.

Sure, a liaison between a boss and a subordinate isn’t exactly new. Nevertheless, in recent years a number of high-profile executives have lost their jobs for such behavior. Among the most publicized executive affairs was the one involving Harry Stonecipher, former president and CEO of The Boeing Company, and a Boeing female executive. Neither one remained employed by Boeing.

From a business standpoint, it could be argued that what happens in the bedroom should stay out of the boardroom—except the reality is that the two rooms seem to have a connecting door.

It’s very, very difficult for a woman to have a relationship with the boss without risking her job, his, and their reputations. At least that seems to be the message.

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Paula Santonocito
Career Channel, SingleMindedWomen.com