On Staying Connected

If you’re a regular visitor to SingleMindedWomen.com, you may have noticed that the site’s channels, while different, contain content that relate to topic areas in other channels.

Sometimes the relevance is obvious. For example, the Money channel’s “Self-Employed with an Uneven Income? Some Smart Financial Planning Tips” clearly has implications for a self-employed single woman’s career.

Similarly, fashion tips from our Style channel are often applicable to work.

Yet even when a connection isn’t overt, it’s usually there.

Your personal relationships impact your career, and so does your health. Finding balance through your escapes, whatever they may be, can likewise greatly influence your ability to manage your career. And if you’re a single mom, your responsibilities and challenges also affect your work.

In other words, your career and the other “channels” of your life aren’t separate. It’s worth remembering this, especially during these difficult times when so many people seem focused on career matters.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t manage your career to the best of your ability; what it means is that by managing all aspects of your life you are in a better position to succeed both professionally and personally.

With this is mind, you’ll want to tune in to all the SMW channels. We can help you stay connected, especially when life can be puzzling.

Paula Santonocito

Career Editor, SingleMindedWomen.com