On Stress-Free Visitation

This morning I knew it would rain.

 The moment the telephone rang I heard your voice.

And I knew the sky turned a new shade of blue …

I look at Billy’s young smile and watch him watch Big Bird awhile.

His daddy will be here by eight.

Seems like the sky’s turning gray.

 There’s an overnight bag by the stairs beside a one-eyed teddy bear.

I hold Billy and try not to cry and whisper, “Kiss Mommy goodbye.”

And it looks like rain. It always rains on Saturday …

Every divorced mom remembers the very first time their child spent their first night at their Dad’s new place. While children are quick to adapt to a new routine, some parents take a little longer to adjust.

If you are newly divorced or struggling with your ex on visitation issues, then I recommend you read Marsha A. Temlock’s article: Stress-Free Visitation. Marsha, the author of  “Your Child’s Divorce: What to Expect…What You Can Do” provides a Basic Rules list makes perfect sense for every divorced parent. Even if you are not on speaking terms with your ex, you will find useful tips for every situation.

We know divorce is difficult for the entire family. But as parents, we owe it to our children to provide a stress free and loving environment, even in the worst of circumstances with your ex.

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Allison O’Connor

Founder, SingleMindedWomen.com