On Summer Camp

Moms, summer is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you are already in a panic about choosing a summer camp for your children.  This is why I thought it was important for our single mom visitors to start thinking about the type of camp your child will thrive in. Brian Brandt, a 15-year veteran in leadership strategies for children, wrote a fabulous article; How to Choose Your Child’s Summer Camp. In the article, Brian offered a number of great suggestions and tips on what to look for in a summer camp. One tip that stuck with me, involve your child in the selection process.

We also posted an article called Child Safety Camp Check List by Kim Estes, Director of Education and Outreach at P.E.A.C.E. of Mind. The truth is, not all camps are equal, nor do they follow the same protocol when it comes to staff/counselor qualifications, background checks and safety procedures when a child gets hurt. Make sure you bring this checklist along when you are interviewing camps.

And lastly, Brian Brandt’s sidebar, Preparing Your Child for Summer Camp is a must read for all mom’s with children that will be going to sleep-away camp for the first time. Your child may get homesick, but if you follow Brian’s suggestions, you may be surprised at how quickly your child acclimates to his new environment.

Moms, if you found a great camp and would like to share it – let us know. Post a reply to this blog and we will recap your camp picks next week.

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Happy Camping!

Allison O’Connor

Founder, SinlgeMindedWomen.com