On Summer Travel for Single Women

costaricaThis weekend officially marks the start of the summer travel season. But for those single women that have either been the victim of downsizing or just feel they can’t get away for fear of losing their job, you may want to reconsider taking a break this summer.

Start by reading career editor Paula Santonocito’s article titled Should You Forego a Vacation This Year? As Paula points out, “In today’s economic climate, employees have been led to believe they should be grateful to have a job. While there is an element of truth to this outlook, you shouldn’t lose sight of the big picture-and that picture is your life. Experts strongly recommend that workers take time to relax and enjoy other aspects of their lives, particularly in stressful times such as these.”

Taking time off doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money on an extravagant vacation. On our Escapes channel, we have profiled a number of single-women friendly destinations that won’t deplete your savings. And, if you think a vacation is just plain out of reach, take time off and plan your own little Staycation. We also have lots of great suggestions on how to getaway from it all while relaxing in your own home.

SMW’s Top Summer Destinations for Single Women:
Paris: Single and Swept Away
Honduras: Choose Your Own Adventure

Costa Rica: An Eco-Adventure to Remember
Rome Alone: In an Italian City
Vegas: A Single’s Guide
Turks & Caicos, From an Historical Perspective
Sandestin: Florida’s Gulf Coast as a BFF Getaway
Cooler Island Escapes: Single Mom Family Getaways

Summertime Staycation with Kids

Fabulous Recipes from Celebrity Chefs:
Sauteed Tiny Tomatoes
Negroni Cocktail
Brownies, Beautiful Brownies!
Lobster Mac & Cheese

SMW Summer Reads:
GOING DOWN HARD by Tawny Webber
CAST THE FIRST STONE by Rebbie MacIntyre

Remember, dedication to your job doesn’t require you to give up other aspects of your life. And this includes your vacation.

Allison O’Connor