Online Matchmakers Do the Math—but Does It Add Up for You?


online-dating.jpgonline-dating.jpgSingleMindedWomen’s Relationships & Dating Advice – Your favorite color is yellow. You’d rather have a cat than a dog. You hum along to country music, and you’re darn tootin’ proud of that fact.

Do any of these preferences make you less date worthy?

Well, that depends-on the methodology being used by your dating service du juer. All, one, or none of your quirkyalone traits may trigger red flags that, according to its statistics, indicate a turn-off to some prospective Mr. Right.

In an era when psychographic statistical data is the primary determinant for everything we buy, use, and desire, demographists, behaviorists, and other social statisticians were bound to get into the dating game as well. has the University of Washington/Seattle sociologist, Pepper Schwartz. has Rutgers University anthropologist Helen Fisher. And then there’s eHarmony, which boasts an eight-year track record-not to mention 120 weddings a day, over the past year-for its 29 core trait/258-question personality quiz, developed by USC psychologist Galen Buckwalter.

Professional matchmaking services think they have the stats on the lovelorn. But is attraction a matter of statistics, or is it a leap of faith?

This leads us to an even bigger question:

How do you know if your monthly tithe to your current online dating service is getting you a good return on your investment?

Maybe it’s time for you to do some math, too. Put these four factors into your mating equation…

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